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Fire resistant board are fire resistant

If you find yourself in need of fire resistant board to take care of your endless and in the case of typically Polish conditions, also quite challenging customizable moulds, you couldn’ t have ended in any better hands. An entrepreneurs soul shall stay restless as long as their plan remains unfinished.

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Familiarising yourself with safety aspects of fire

Temperatures in excess of 1000C don’t really sound particularly reassuring but thanks to a range of Vitcas fire protection products it is now possible to take care of all the dangers. In particular, a line of fire resistant vermiculite boards is capable of taking full control over the excessive heat that a fireplace might generate. Read More →

Characteristics of fire resistant boards

Vitcas offers a number of products designed to keep both fire and excessive heat away from you and your properties. In particular, we recommend that you have a closer look at fire resistant boards made of vermiculite widely appreciated for their excellent heat resistive parameters. Read More →