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Browse through Vitcas vermiculite boards

You’ re a decent hard-working entrepreneur owing his success to time and effort alone and so you find yourself deserving of only the highest quality moulding done for your thriving little business. This is exactly why you’ ve found yourself in the right hands of people experienced in the field enough to introduce you to the most professional vermiculite boards on the market.

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Count on Vitcas!

Have you ever wondered why some people tend to say that we all live in a brick world. It may be somehow connected to the fact that our perception of the world is becoming superficial and immature; it may also refer to the fact that swarms of dummy people are trying to conquer social elites.

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Enjoying a fireplace at home and staying safe

Typically, people tend to think of fireplaces as enjoyable and likeable sources of light and warmth. There’s no doubt about it, on a cold December evening there’s nothing better than a lovely fireplace. However, please be warned that in order to fully appreciate all the benefits, you do need to think of safety first. Read More →

Extreme durability

Have you ever wondered it it was possible to combine both the practicality of a traditional line and the economy of a manufacture automaton. Have you. There’s no need to worry – our skilled and experienced staff shall aid you in whatever trouble you may find yourself facing. If you have and are still clueless about the means, then we believe it’ s high time you were introduced to the vast realm of fireplace bricks (, solutions worthy of those clever enough to actually attempt to help themselves! Read More →

The world of refractories

Shape, thickness and sturdiness of a mould are a must. No part can be manufactured without those three taken to an expert level by the staff experienced enough to actually know what they’re doing. Without you and your company, the market of spares remains in a state of a terrible standstill and you know that. Restless about the future shape of your company.

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