Fireplace bricks cleaning – some advice

Smoke and soot stains are the most common problem for people, who have a fireplace in their house( somehow we don’ t care that much about ovens and stoves built outdoors ). Not only the fireplace looks quite ugly, but also these stains are rather difficult to remove, if you don’ t know the right method or don’ t have commercial chemicals made just for that purpose.

Fireplace bricks cleaning – some advice – gallery

Unfortunately, the aforementioned chemicals can be quite costly, so below you will find some advice on how you can clean your fireplace bricks without buying them.
As strange as it sounds, but at the beginning you should try to clean regular dirt and grime with a stiff bristled brush and clean, warm water. You will be amazed, how much better fireplace bricks will look after that.

But, of course, it is…

But, of course, it is more than likely that some soot and smoke stains will still be present, as they require different methods of removing. When comes to the soot stains, you can try to clear them by pressing on a stain some children’ s modeling dough, leaving for several minutes( about 5 should do the job perfectly )and then carefully removing the dough. Smoke stains can be quite easily removed by scrubbing them with a mixture of baking soda and water – it is important to not add too much water: paste-like consistency is perfect.

Then, use your brush and newly made paste to scrub smoke stains and they won’ t bother you more. After applying all the above advices, your fireplace should look like new and your wallet will not be unnecessarily emptied!.

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