Enjoying a fireplace at home and staying safe

Typically, people tend to think of fireplaces as enjoyable and likeable sources of light and warmth. There’s no doubt about it, on a cold December evening there’s nothing better than a lovely fireplace. However, please be warned that in order to fully appreciate all the benefits, you do need to think of safety first.
A popular idea of a fireplace involves a lot of positive emotions and feelings.

Apparently, in spite of the fact…

Apparently, in spite of the fact we live in the 21st century and everything is operated electronically, fire still makes a huge impression on many people. For example, everyone enjoys sitting next to a fireplace because fire gives light as well as warmth. However, we need to be aware of the fact that fire also poses a serious threat as far as safety aspects are concerned. With that in mind, it is important that all fireplaces or furnaces use refractory cements or mortars in the construction process.

refractory cement

Foto: itbelieve.com

If it wasn’t for those materials,…

If it wasn’t for those materials, a typical fireplace wouldn’t even be able to come close to the temperatures it needs to handle. To be precise, a home fireplace easily gets way above 1000C which means it requires special materials such as those offered by the Vitcas company. A line of refractories suitable for all purposes is bound to give you confidence that you need when dealing with open fire.

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