Advice on removing stains from your fireplace

If you use your fireplace excessively it is more than sure that the bricks aren’ t clean anymore – obviously, you need to clean them occasionally, but let’ s be honest: not many people know how to do this efficiently without spending money on professional fireplace cleaning products. Here we will give you some advice on this very topic, so read these tips and feel free to use them.

It is of course possible…

It is of course possible that they will not be enough to remove all the old, stubborn stains from your fireplace bricks, but the vast majority should be gone.
1. The best“ tool” for cleaning fireplace bricks is a stiff bristled brush, so be sure to have one. A bucket of warm water will also be necessary: you will be amazed how many stains you can remove with just that equipment. 2. Many soot stains can be cleaned almost effortlessly by pressing on children’ s modeling dough to the stain and after a minute or two peeling it off carefully.


3. Mix of baking soda and water( the mixture should have a consistence of a paste )is just perfect for removing smoke stains from fireplace bricks. 4. Trisodium phosphate( known usually as TSP )can be used to remove residual stains after the two above mentioned methods were used. Remember to wear rubber gloves when using TSP!.

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